^[FUBAR]^ UK MoH:AA Clan

^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan is a friendly Clan that is free to join and relies on donations from its members to meet costs.

The Server is heavily modded to try and create that unique battle presence, on the standard maps it has a roaming tank that kills ANYONE...Planes that bomb randomly.....and a extra weapon (Axis Sniper Rifle)

             We also have Single Player maps converted to Multi Player that require     NO DOWNLOAD.

^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan Server runs TWO Anti-Cheat programs, in a constant battle to catch cheaters and hackers.

We are not in any Gaming Leagues at the moment, we are just having fun and trying to build up a strong clan membership.

^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan is proud of being polite and friendly at all times..........Where fun and laughter are the ultimate goals.

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