^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan History

  • ^[FUBAR]^ UK MOHAA Clan was formed by Drewski in late April 2005 after a long spell as a recruiter with }:MECH:{ USA Clan. EvilAidan was in a UK MOHAA Clan that had changed its rules on under 16yr olds becoming members, and was forced to leave. Drewski then considered the time difference between the UK and USA and decided to set up his own UK MOHAA Clan Server with his son EvilAidan.

  • ^[FUBAR]^ UK MOHAA Clan was born........29th April 2005

  • After sitting on a lonely server for about a week, Drewski got chatting to an old {*NIP*} Clan Member called FLIX on MSN who had recently left his old clan. FLIX was considering setting up his own MOHAA Clan server. Drewski convinced FLIX to join him at ^[FUBAR]^ and with FLIX's help and determination the website was built and the Clan Membership began to rise.

  • To attract more Clan Members, Drewski and Flix set out to make the ^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan Server the best in the UK by adding extra maps, extra weapons, and realistic war mods, which is constantly updated.

  • Our main public server is heavily modded to try and create that unique battle presence, on the standard maps it has a roaming tank that kills ANYONE...Planes that bomb randomly, and is loaded with Single Player maps converted to Multi Player that require NO DOWNLOAD

  • ^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan is a friendly Clan that is free to join and relies on donations from its members to meet costs.

  • ^[FUBAR]^ UK Clan is proud of being polite and friendly at all times....Where fun and laughter are the ultimate goals.

  • We hope you enjoy gaming here